About Me

How It All Began

It started out as a gift idea. My mother was having major reactions to everything soap related, so I started looking what could I make for her Birthday that would not give her a rash. I looked into grating an already made bar of soap and "Make it my Own." I looked into melt and pour soap, then I found LYE! beautiful LYE ( you can't make soap with out it.) Sodium Hydroxide (lye) I love you. I read a million things (I had not read a book since the birth of my first son 2007), and then I read some more and read some more again. I then bought the oil, a PVC tube from the hardware store and then the LYE; the process had began and the disappointment in my moms voice when told her I made soap was off the chart.

I'm My Mom's Favourite Child

Mothers day came and I gave it to her as a late Birthday Present. With great hesitation she took it. She tried it like a good mother and her first reaction was, "I didn't get a rash." Oh Thank God  , I told you so MOM.  She tried it again and all the sudden she felt clean and moisturized! She was in love and again I was her favorite child. Now she orders it by the pound. So then, after my mom raved about her soap, a cousin calls and asks for some soap.  I make it, she calls back wants more and with Oatmeal in it; okay, so I make more. Now everyone is calling! By this time I have had only the privilege of keeping one ONE bar for my self. I can't keep this stuff in the house if my life deepened on it. Even my kids steal my one bar.

I'm Not Lye-ing

Bar soap does NOT need a preservative! DOES NOT! I know people who make there own soap and have bars from 10 yeas ago. Thats older then my children. I do not add preservatives, I do not add detergent. Lots of places do; look at the labels. Bar Soap CAN NOT be made without lye and anyone who says different is lye-ing! (haha I made a punny.) Soap is a chemical reaction. Its when the oil fats (plant or animal) react with the lye to make salt crystal chains. This reactions is called Saponification, and anything else is Detergent. Real Soap will not and can not be tear free, Sorry. I will say that if you use my products you will feel ever so soft and clean. Ladies, you will also stop buying shaving cream; Mom Soap is the best for shaving. No more dry and itchy skin, that is unless you live in Alberta. Hey, one person can only do so much!

Do not watch motivational videos before bed! 

Well, 2020 it is now and I have 6 years since I started my business and about 10 years of soaping under the belt. I know offer a greater deal more then a couple bars of soap. So much has changed and just look at our catalog now! I LOVE IT! Bring it on world I'm ready! 

 In 2018, I decided to make the leap and do a two year post secondary course in Advanced Aroma Therapy.  I have officially graduated and received my transcript in the mail, I am Official an Advanced Aromatherapist!