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It's all Broken!

Coming soon Handmade soap

Sit'N'Ducks will be ready before Easter! All natural Deodorant will be available by popular request. Dead Sea Mudd and Activated Charcole Soap will also be out for summer! 

Well it seems I am having an unexpected holiday from work. My Shipment of ingeredents has now been to more places then I have been in Canada. I ordered it on January 18 it normally takes 7 days. It comes from out east. It went all the way to the west coast, right to the island and then all the way back out east to my supplier. I mean like clear across and back again. So maybe the second package will make by next week. Also the printer is jammed with labels. Never had that happen before. So I can't even bottle and package what I do have since I have no Lableing. I am getting a new printer mailed to me.

I have taken a nap the last two days and caught up on some history Chanel. Added a few more things to get ready to start Exporting. 

Don't forget to check out all the soaps that are for sale right now.

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