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What kind Essential Oils should I buy?

Alberta dōTERRA Essential Oil Young Living

Why I don’t support doTerra or Young Living


A lot of fancy terms and “seals” are being hand out.


Young Living

Seed to Seal® process” This one kills me IT’S A REGISTERED TRADE MARK! If you continue to read on there website it sates “Powerful, effective essential oils come from seeds and plants that are verified for their essential oil potential by Young Living experts.” See that red part? So no one else tests it? Just your paid expert. Is followed up by “partnering with university experts.” How often? Are the “Experts” paid? Are they shareholders? It is then followed by this “To guarantee consistent quality, our oils are tested in Young Living’s own internal labs.” So, No Independent TESTING? That’s what I see. Why is it being shipped to the US to be processed when it is being cultivated all over the globe? How old is that lavender when it gets here? What is wrong with the local facilities?


Uses the term “certified pure therapeutic grade” in their marketing. There never has been a board to certify oil. If there were, we wouldn’t be having this talk. The CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) is not administered by any Government or Industry Regulator. The CPTG again is a registered trademark of dōTERRA Holdings, it represents internal standards. Again, we have another registered trademark. So again we have independent standards. Just more fancy terms to confuse people and make ones product sound better.

Its nice to know these companies are making sure their oils are of the highest quality, but does that mean no one else has quality oils? How come doTerra says therapeutic grade and Young Living can be ingested. Young Livings oils must be better? Did they PAY to have their oils tested by the FDA and other Health Regulatory Bodies. Have they said no one will die if they ingest a few drops? Does it mean they are better quality? Or does it just mean they can advertize with out legal consequences.

EO (Essential Oil) buyers should independently check out the marketing information by MLM traders or Anyone Else. You are legally entitled to any and all information. Ask for MSDS (management, distribution & revision solutions), Compositional Data and Certificate of Origin for the batch of oil. Be carful of false documents, marketing ploys and any other scams.


Internal Use

As far as I know both Manuals for dōTERRA and Young Living suggest internal use of EOs’.

This is scary!!!!!!! It might be “natural” but if you have any health issues or on ANY Medication this can have disastrous effects. This information almost always contradicts advice giving by REGISTERED (THEY WENT TO SCHOOL!) Aromatherapy and Herbal associations, organizations and health care providers. Every time I hear “just a drop under the tongue” I want to punch someone in the face! As far as I know, the only place in the world that actually has a CERTIFIED program to teach the safe ingestions of EOs’ is in FRANCE or a hand full of “western” schools. I don’t see these companies shipping everyone off to France or University. If they did we would all sign up. Essential Oils can be very potent; one drop can be in some cases the equivalent of 75 cups of tea. Which is what we love about EOs’ however, there have been reported cases of poisoning and fatality due to self-dosing. I do not think these companies should be suggesting internal use. People think if it’s all-natural, its safe, it can’t hurt me. WRONG! Some oils can be very Toxic.


From the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists 

Statement from the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) pertaining to safety when using essential oils: The CFA does not recommend nor condone the application of undiluted essential oils. The CFA does not recommend nor condone the ingestion of any essential oil in any manner.

Application of undiluted essential oils or ingestion of oils is considered a breach of the Code of Ethics of the CFA. Essential oils can be irritating and sensitizing and some chemical constituents have the potential to cause systemic toxicity if used improperly. Therefore safe use is absolutely critical.

The CFA highly recommends that when using essential oils you seek professional advice from a registered certified Aromatherapists affiliated with a professional organization that maintains educational and practice standards for its members. To find a Certified Aromatherapists please check our Members Directory.


They have this as a WARNING on their page. You can’t look at anything with out seeing this information.

 Neat Oil Use

 No essential oil should be used diluted. Burning, Blisters and Rashes, what more should I say? Oh you can be allergic to these oils as well. Both Young Living and dōTERRA say you can use their oils this way they even go as far to recommend it in their Manuals. Yet again this contradicts everything any Respected or Educated Individual says and are taught. The correct usage is less than 1% for children (never apply to a newborn-2Yr olds) and 2% for expecting or breast-feeding mothers and 3% in any HEALTHY person. Now don’t get me wrong some oils can be used neat. But again you should patch test before rubbing it all over your body.


Diluted Oils

Yes, Some companies do dilute their oils. Young Living and dōTERRA say they are the only ones who don’t. That’s a LIE! Tons of companies and I sell pure undiluted oils. Also a lot of Roller Oils are diluted, cause of their application and purposes. Lots of “Testers” will be diluted again because of the purpose. ( I do this to my TESTERS Because I don’t need anyone getting a rash.)



Young Living and dōTERRA both use steam distillations as their main extraction. However, most companies use this method it is common practice. There are some oils that will be extracted by other means but most those oil come from barks and other “hard” substances or Citrus Oils. Young living says because they have a Seed to Seal® process” they are better then anyone else.


Fast Break Down of Processing Procedures

Steam Distilled (90% most common)

Water is added to a distiller plant matter is added. Water is brought to a boil. The distillate comes through a condenser, into a separator. Then bottled.


Cold Pressing/Expressed Oil

A method of extraction specific to citrus essential oils. This is manly a crushing of the rind in some manner. Distilled citrus oils deteriorate more quickly and are considerably more unstable than expressed oils.


Solvent Extraction

Some plant material is too fragile to be distilled and an alternative method. Petroleum ether, methanol, ethanol, or hexane is used to extract the odoriferous lipophilic material from the plant.


CO2 Hypercritical Extraction (Barks and Resins)

The basic concept is that CO2 under pressure will turn from a gas into a liquid that can then be used as an inert liquid solvent. This liquid solvent is able to diffuse throughout the plant material thus extracting its aromatic constituents.


Phytonic Process

Extracting essential oils using non-chlorofluorocarbons. Florasol is an ozone friendly product and it poses little danger to the environment. One advantage is that the extraction of essential oils occurs at or below room temperature so deterioration through high temperature extremes does not occur. Florasol was developed to replace Freon. The essential oils are mostly pure and contain little to no foreign substances.


Percolation or Hydro-diffusion

Just like steam distillation except that the steam comes in through the top rather than the bottom, and there is a shorter distillation time. It is useful in extracting essential oils from woody or tough material or seeds such as fennel and dill.



The oldest method of extracting essential oils and is rarely used these days because of its high cost. A special glass is used; fat and flower are added to the glass. Then at a later date the fat is collected off the glass. Wash and repeat. No wonder they don’t do this.

Most all companies use steam distillation as common practices. When it comes to Organic you have to be registered and certified to say you are organic. As per Aromatherapy, that means in the air and not at all on your skin. Oils that say Topical Use need to be diluted. I personal think this is why some companies dilute their oils. People will grab the bottle and start rubbing it on their skin with out thinking. Almost every company generally puts them in a colored bottle with a dropper to keep out the sun and air out. All oil deteriorates in time with exposure to air, heat and sun. Keep them in a cool dark place with the lid on tight.

I am not a hater on these companies. I just feel that more questions should be asked! I am not an Aromatherapist. I don’t have any education in herbal medicine. I am a soap maker, who uses a lot of Essential Oils. My clients ask me all the time what I think. I am honored they respect my opinion. I try to give them the best-educated answers I can provide, which includes all the information provided here. I also don’t think you should have to JOIN anything just to buy their product. I don’t ask my customers to get memberships.

I also do not use these oils because when I buy Lavender Oil I need a 1 Litter bottle. I but most all my oils by the Litter some are even but the gallon.

If you would like more information please look here:



dōTERRA was founded by ex-Young Living employ & Lawsuits . I found it interesting and wanted to share it.


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