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It has begun! New Scents

Alberta Conditioner Fall/winter 2016 Handmade Shampoo soap

The Fall/Winter soaps are starting to hit the drying rack. Most of this years scents will be brand new. (This is a warning to start stocking up on you Fave Spring/Summer scents.)

Pumpkin Patch will be returning this year. Cause you all complained enough. The  classics of Coffee & Spice and Caramel. Maple, Bay Rum and Apple Cider Barrel are all coming. They smell, well I did consider eating some of them. 

Our Shampoo and Conditioner are almost ready. Just waiting for the bottles. All 462 of them. I also have some foot scrub. It is still in testing, but should be out soon too. 

Here is a sneak Peek..... It will be un named for now.


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