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Tarot  Cards
Tarot  Cards
Tarot  Cards
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Tarot Cards

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At its heart, the tarot is a storytelling device, a deck of symbols and narratives that can spark conversations, inspire ideas, and reveal new perspectives. You don't need to be psychic to use it: it is a practice that is open to everyone.

The original deck of cards, yes that's right all decks of 52 are originally based of the Tarot.  Tarot is a pack of playing cards, used from at least the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play card games such as  Tarocchini. From their Italian roots, tarot-playing cards spread to most of Europe, evolving into a family of games that includes German  Grosstarok and modern games such as French Tarot and Austrian Königrufen. In the late 18th century French  Occultists made elaborate unsubstantiated claims about their history and meaning, leading to the emergence of custom decks for use in diviation; tarot card reading and cartomancy. Thus, there are two distinct types of tarot packs in circulation: those used for card games and those used for divination. However, some older patterns, such as the Tarot de Marseille, originally intended for playing card games, are occasionally used for cartomancy.

Oracle cards and Tarot differ in lots of ways with the main difference being that Tarot cards follow a specific structure and typically contain 78 cards. Oracle Cards are great leaning tool for someone wanting to pick up tarot.

Oracle cards are a divination tool that can help to open intuitive awareness and build a connection to yourself. Oracle cards tend to be free flowing and vary in their messaging and artistic design. There are many different types of cards available; some feature simple imagery or words and others may be complex in design and feature stunning original artistic work. There are no set number of cards in an Oracle deck and some come with detailed guidebooks and some do not. Oracle cards have become increasingly popular and widely available in recent years. Adding an Oracle deck to your morning routine or intuitive development practice can help foster a close connection to your intuitive senses.